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Network Security Kansas City: Benefits Of A Managed Security Service Provider

Do you have experts in network security Kansas City on staff? Do they receive continuous education and training? For most small businesses, keeping an experienced and up-to-date IT staff in-house is neither affordable nor accessible.

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) like RAVENii offers a lot of benefits. The MSSP handles all of the network security functions that you can’t afford to implement on your own as a small business owner. This means your organization doesn’t need any additional hardware or staff, which translates to a number of big advantages over other options.

Expertise and Skill

While cybersecurity hardware and tools are available directly from suppliers, they will not provide you with expert advice about network security Kansas City like an MSSP will. Access to the human resources of knowledge and skills without hiring additional employees is what really sets an MSSP apart.

Direct Network Security Kansas City

In-house IT staff rarely have the time or resources to keep apprised of the latest in cybersecurity like advanced threat prevention, phishing, and endpoint protection. This is what makes an MSSP so valuable - you have immediate and continuous access to and the protection of multiple top experts in the field.

Automatic Vulnerability Detection And Fixes

As we’ve discussed previously, running continuous scans on your environment to identify anomalies in your normal operations is incredibly valuable for network security Kansas City. An MSSP does this, allowing it to detect and reduce vulnerabilities structurally. It predicts threats proactively and responds quickly and effectively, reducing the odds of a successful cyberattack.

Scalable Cybersecurity

An MSSP can scale services and adapt the necessary infrastructure to perfectly fit the needs of your organization. This means that if something comes up requiring extra capacity temporarily, or if you need to cut back, resources can easily and quickly be adapted.

Peace Of Mind

A reliable MSSP will offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in addition to 24/7/365 support. The SLA provides guidelines for customers regarding incident response times. Perhaps most importantly for your business, an SLA offers guarantees in the event of a network security Kansas City event. This shifts potential risks associated with cyber threats away from your organization to the MSSP.

Lower Cost

It is a huge misconception that hiring an MSSP is more costly than other options. In fact, they usually save clients a lot of money in several ways:

  • The cost resulting from a cybersecurity incident is reduced.
  • The cost of hiring and training in-house IT staff is reduced, if not eliminated entirely.
  • Constant monitoring and protection prevent expensive incidents.
  • There is no massive initial investment.
  • Costs are relatively consistent and easy to budget for.

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