Managed SIEM
Providing a simplified security solution that prioritizes the threats that put your business at risk.
Data Discovery
Providing a full suite of security expertise

Consulting services include penetration testing, code review, security architecture design

Security As a Service
Build to suite Cyber Security offerings quickly enhance security programs
More About As a Service Offerings
Find out more about the unique approach to quickly and easily obtain essential security.
As a Service
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Contact us to learn more about our Cyber Security as a Service and Consulting services

RAVENii’s outcome driven consulting and security services provide expertise that delivers information to plan and secure organizations.

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On Time, On Track

Provides effective solutions in days and access to expertise on-demand, keeping security on target.

Measurement Focused

Increases visibility into security effectiveness and costs with powerful metrics.

Data Driven

Advanced technologies provide a wealth of data to help plan and optimize processes and resources

Cost Aware

Drives down costs by providing a platform that promotes planning, cost analysis, discovery of bottlenecks and duplication.


Integrates with current staff and investments to complement and enhance security programs.