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Network Security: How RAVENii's Network Monitoring Can Help Identify A DDoS Attack

Network security must be a top priority as cloud applications and storage become more ubiquitous. Cloud providers are at a much higher risk of DDoS attacks than ever before. 

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a type of denial of service (DoS) attack. A DDoS attack uses multiple connected online devices, sometimes called a botnet, to overwhelm the target website with fake traffic.

DDoS attacks overwhelm web servers so they cannot respond to legitimate user requests. This can render a website useless for hours or even days. The results can be catastrophic, including lost revenue, dissatisfied customers, and business disruption.

Combatting cloud-based DDoS attacks requires a modern, responsive platform that can predict potential intrusions, identify unusual network activity, and stop DDoS attacks before they take down an organization’s web presence.

Network Security Detection and Response

An organization needs a set of common and critical capabilities that protect its networks, including the ability to:

  1. Baseline normal network activity

  2. Inventory assets and devices

  3. Validate common alerts and controls

MixMode is a network data detection and response platform that provides context-based security founded on an evolving baseline of network behavior. Using this baseline, the RAVENii SOC team reviews and mitigates risk by monitoring endpoint devices and identifying anomalies in network traffic.

MixMode can identify typical vulnerabilities, including:

  • Open ports
  • Unencrypted traffic
  • Passwords in clear text
  • Unexpected communications between IPs or departments
  • Rogue machines on the network

Unsupervised Learning Enhances Performance

By significantly reducing false-positive alerts, MixMode also enhances the performance of network security. Unlike other security platforms, MixMode leverages a form of AI called unsupervised learning, which uses the context of network-specific inputs to develop a generative model. 

The AI uses this model to decide whether a threat or anomaly is valid or a false positive, allowing RAVENii to monitor and alert clients to critical alerts. Because of the use of unsupervised learning, the platform is more effective at detecting DDoS attacks, allowing the RAVENii SOC team to quickly pinpoint the source of an attack and put an end to malicious activity. 

SIEM Wave 3

RAVENii makes security event and log management easy and affordable with our managed SIEM Wave 3 Solution. SIEM Wave 3 is powered by MixMode and is the only solution on the market utilizing 3rd Wave Artificial Intelligence.

3rd Wave AI has many advantages that solve the business challenges surrounding traditional SIEM solutions like containing price creep, storing network traffic data volumes, and working with historical information.

The traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management, which refers to real-time monitoring and analysis of events as well as tracking and logging of security data) is a siloed solution. It is expensive to maintain the extraction, transformation, aggregation, and storage of the machine/log data with a traditional SIEM. 

Network traffic data is the most comprehensive source of useful information for threat detection and response. However, storing its massive data volumes can increase total spending up to 3 times.

The traditional SIEM also requires a lot of manpower. It typically takes 12-24 months of human training, extensive configuration, fine-tuning, and monitoring before a traditional SIEM can provide you with true security value.

Traditional SIEMs also rely on historical data. Historical data cannot predict threats or identify anomalies indicative of a forthcoming attack. Historical data is like a rearview mirror; it only gives you a view of what’s behind you.

Advantages of RAVENii’s SIEM Wave 3 Solution over traditional SIEM include:

  • Increased SOC productivity
  • 95% false positive reduction
  • Cost reduction and efficiency gains
  • Lower log storage costs
  • Shorter mean time to remediate
  • Predictive and zero-day attack detection
  • 7 days to enterprise deployment and network baseline
  • The only 3rd wave AI security tool on the market

The lack of integration with other tools means that IT teams must dedicate significant staff time to managing each security control, and even further time to the administration of the various alerts generated by these tools. Our solution is self-supervised, context-aware, and predictive.  This eliminates the need for IT teams to spend precious time deploying and re-configuring individual products and rules.

RAVENii Is Your Friend In Network Security

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), RAVENii offers a lot of benefits. We handle all of the network security functions that you can’t afford to implement on your own as a small business owner. This means your organization doesn’t need any additional hardware or staff, which translates to lower costs and access to the human resources of knowledge, skills, and many years of experience without hiring additional employees.

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