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Log Management Is Critical To Network Security

Log management tools are a critical line of defense against network security breaches. A log file is automatically produced whenever certain events occur within your system. Basically, they record anything and everything that the application, server, OS, or network assigns importance to. A log can document a variety of events like application errors, messages and transactions between users, files requested by users of a website, and backup records. As you can imagine, that generates more data than a human IT staff is capable of analyzing and responding to effectively. That’s where log management solutions come in.

What Is Log Management?

Log management refers to all the processes and activities utilized to view and extract useful data from the logs of applications or systems. Log management tools can generate, collect, read, sort, transmit, store, and delete the enormous amounts of data in all of your log files. Security information and event management (SIEM) software represents the evolution of log management.

The traditional SIEM is a siloed solution, however. It is expensive to maintain the extraction, transformation, aggregation, and storage of the machine/log data with a traditional SIEM. Network traffic data is the most comprehensive source of useful information for threat detection and response. However, storing its massive data volumes can increase total spend up to 3 times. 

The traditional SIEM also requires a lot of manpower. It typically takes 12-24 months of human training, extensive configuration, fine-tuning, and monitoring before a traditional SIEM can provide you with true security value.

Traditional SIEMs also rely on historical data. Historical data cannot predict threats or identify anomalies indicative of a forthcoming attack. Historical data is like a rearview mirror; it only gives you a view of what is behind you.

SIEM Wave 3 & Logging Solution

RAVENii makes security event and log management easy and affordable with our managed SIEM Wave 3 & Logging Solution. The SIEM Wave 3 & Logging Solution is powered by MixMode and is the only solution on the market utilizing 3rd Wave Artificial Intelligence. 

3rd Wave AI has many advantages that solve the business challenges surrounding traditional SIEM solutions like; containing price creep, storing network traffic data volumes, and working with historical information.

The advantages of RAVENii’s SIEM Wave 3 & Logging Solution over traditional SIEM:

·       Precision detection increases SOC productivity

·       95% false-positive reduction 

·       Cost reduction and efficiency gains

·       Lower log storage costs 

·       Shorter mean time to remediate

·       Predictive and zero-day attack detection 

·       7 days to enterprise deployment and network baseline

·       The only 3rd wave AI security tool on the market

The lack of integration with other tools means that IT teams must dedicate significant staff time to managing each security control, and even further time to the administration of the various alerts generated by these tools. Our solution is self-supervised, context-aware, and predictive.  This eliminates the need for IT teams to spend precious time deploying and re-configuring individual products and rules. Instead of LOOKING for actionable events, we are WORKING actionable events.

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