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Cyber Security Consulting In Kansas City And Beyond

Cyber security consulting and training are available from RAVENii in Kansas City and across the globe. Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing as well as training on your internal policies and procedures for your employees is a crucial element of a comprehensive network security strategy. This is primarily because the vast majority of cyber security breaches can be traced back to human error.

Cyber Security Consulting And Training Is Critical

Data breaches cost organizations millions of dollars every year. A cyber security consulting and training program that addresses the network security mistakes that employees may make when using email and the web as well as in the physical world, such as improper document disposal, is a modest investment by comparison. 

Most organizations depend on technological defenses, but firewalls and software only function as well as the humans running them. Modern cybercriminals overwhelmingly target people rather than strictly technological means because they are much easier to confuse.

It only takes one naive user clicking on a suspicious link or trusting a phishing email to breach your network. Basic network security training and awareness of common attack methods for every employee mitigates your risk a great deal.

Network Security Training and Phishing Testing

RAVENii’s Managed Security Training & Phishing Testing program is designed to help your business mitigate the number of security breaches caused by human error. Our goal is to change human risk behaviors and create an enhanced secure organizational culture. 

Our team will create effective security training and phishing testing campaigns for your employees to teach them the risks they should avoid and the steps they should take if they encounter a nefarious situation.

Our network security training program empowers your employees to handle your company information securely and follow your information security policies and processes. The better trained they are, the less likely they will give hackers an open invitation to your network.

Cyber Security Consulting And Training Based In Kansas City

RAVENii’s Managed Security Training and Phishing Testing platform is powered by SANS and will educate your employees on what cyber threats to look for and provide training on how to avoid them. This service follows best practices for educating your human firewall on how to treat your sensitive data and be security-aware. Management of your Security Awareness Training platform will include: 

  • Ongoing security awareness training & testing to ensure the Customer’s employees understand and exhibit the necessary behaviors and skills to help protect the security of the organization. 
  • Coordination with Customer’s Security & Compliance Teams to ensure training meets the Customer’s business requirements. 
  • Training to all employees on how to utilize secure authentication, how to identify social engineering attacks, how to identify and properly manage sensitive data, how to identify causes for unintentional data loss, how to identify the most common indicators of an incident, etc. 
  • Remediation plans for repeat offenders. 
  • Campaign and status reports. 

The managed SANS Security Awareness Training platform also includes: 

  • Initial Onboarding 
  • New Hire Onboarding 
  • Offboarding 
  • User Management & Support 
  • Phishing Campaigns (up to 12 per year) 
  • Full access to content library, including Compliance training modules

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