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5 Network Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

The best network security begins long before someone is after your company’s data. It’s important to remember to always be resolute in the face of the near constant threats to the safety of your data. RAVENii can help you increase the effectiveness of your network security with our services, but first, we would like to offer the following advice:

  1. Educate Your Employees:

This is absolutely crucial, the more people who know how to avoid threats, the less threats you will encounter. This is a continuing process, however, scams will improve and change and you will have to continue learning about them and informing your employees about the potential dangers. Ultimately it might take a while, but with a proper network security training regimen in place, you will definitely notice results. RAVENii can help spread awareness of threats to watch out for and how to avoid them throughout your organization.

  1. Update Your Software:

Cyber criminals are always looking for ways to better access a target’s data. This includes searching for vulnerabilities in software. Failing to update programs to newer versions with bugs and vulnerabilities patched out can leave you exposed to attacks to your network security.

  1. Have an Incident Response Plan

It’s always important to have an idea of what you need to do in the event of a network security attack. This type of planning allows you and your employees to know who will handle each critical task that will need to be performed quickly, reducing confusion that would come with trying to delegate what everyone should do in the moment. A proper response plan lets you have someone mitigating the damage at the same time someone is starting recovery procedures to recover what was lost. The incident response team at RAVENii can handle this aspect of security for your with our services.

  1. Backup Your Data

Having copies of your data on hand will reduce the stress level of any network incident ten fold. Preventing data loss is one of the most important goals following an attack on the network. Regular backups allow you to rest a little easier knowing that you won’t lose your data in a ransomware attack. With RAVENii’s security services, you can be sure the data you’re backing up is free and clear of threats to your network.

  1. Schedule Your Annual Pentest

A penetration test is a simulated attack, authorized by the owner of the network. This attack is performed on a computer system in order to evaluate its security. At RAVENii, we use the same tools, techniques, and processes that actual attackers use in our pentests in order to find and demonstrate the weaknesses in your system.

If you want to improve the security of your company’s network, Ravenii can help. Ravenii believes that “Gray Matter” matters, which is why we’re confident in our staff’s ability to handle anything. Call us at (844) 317-0944 or click here to fill out a form with your information.


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