The RAVENii Incident Response as a Service offering helps organizations defend against increasingly complex cyber attacks by providing complete security incident management capabilities; from triage to lessons learned.

The service ensures that the IT infrastructure, systems and applications that are targeted by advanced threats are guarded, keeping your network running and corporate assets safe. With RAVENii “Security as a Service” solutions, you can protect your intellectual property, customer data, and reputation. You can also devote more IT resources to your core business. Companies face attacks daily from competitors, criminals, and nation-state entities who exploit all possible vulnerabilities to compromise networks and access sensitive data. The real-time measurement and monitoring of vulnerabilities and the threats is essential to stopping these complex attacks.

RAVENii’s unique service model

RAVENii’s unique service model provides comprehensive protection for your company using a subscription model that blends our expertise and platform capabilities with your organization’s strengths, lowering operational costs.

Comprehensive, Subscription-based Services

You can define the areas where you want support and retain as much control over your security as your business requires. Overall, RAVENii “Security as a Service” solutions give you access to a comprehensive, proactive approach to managing, monitoring, and protecting your business. A dynamic subscription model and unique three tier system, blends RAVENii security engineers to your organization’s staff and processes by using industry-leading tools and processes based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®). Our advanced platform of automated threat & vulnerability monitoring and mitigation capabilities works 24x7x365 to protect your network against emerging threats.

Incident Management as a Service
  • Monthly threat debriefing
  • Turnkey incident response and management platform
  • Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) formalization
  • Incident Management Response Plan establishment
  • Detailed incident response processes
  • Communications plan
  • CSIRT training and exercises
  • Integration with RAVENii’s 7-stage security incident response process as needed
  • Management guidance during critical incidents
  • Critical incident triage work
  • Critical incident root cause analysis
  • Remote Assistance
As a Service Tiers

We have structured our Services into Tiers to match to our outcome driven philosophy to promote rapid adoption, cost effectiveness and quality services.

  • Tier 1, Security Infrastructure as a Service 
  • includes a turnkey Incident Response platform system (all licenses included), maintenance and initial process and communication design. RAVENii provides the platform for customers to manage alerts, workflows and incidents. 9-5 M-F support is included on platform management, but not incidents.
  • Tier 2, Cyber Security as a Service
  • builds upon Tier 1 by providing management expertise for the handling of critical security incidents. A full Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and processes, integrated with RAVENii, is established which: • Creates a communications plan • Provides management direction on critical incidents • Provides documentation of critical incidents • Provides access for technical work at a locked in rate
  • Tier 3, Incident Management as a Service
  • builds upon Tier 2 by including handes on work for triage efforts and providing an guaranteed response time. Additional features include; • Full management of critical incident triage activities • Hands-on work for critical incidents triage activities • Guaranteed 4 hour first response • Reduction of up to 50% for post triage rates for root cause, control review, redesign, staff augmentation and lessons learned activities.


All three Tiers provide you with the broad and deep expertise of RAVENii, allowing you to request services as you need them.

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