RAVENii’s Services

Our unique service model provides comprehensive protection for organizations by offering a unique subscription model that blends our expertise and platform capabilities with an organization’s strengths, ultimately lowering operational costs and increasing security.

RAVENii's outcome driven consulting and security services provides expertise that delivers information to plan and secure organizations.

Comprehensive, Subscription-based Services

Our Clients define the areas where they want support and retain as much control over their security as the business requires. Overall, RAVENii “Security as a Service” solutions gives  access to a comprehensive, proactive approach to managing, monitoring, and protecting businesses. A dynamic subscription model and unique three tier system, blends RAVENii security engineers to an organization’s staff and processes by using industry-leading tools and processes based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®). 

With RAVENii “Security as a Service” solutions, organizations protect their intellectual property, customer data, and reputation. They can also devote more IT resources to the core business. 

We have structured our Services into Tiers to match to our outcome driven philosophy to promote rapid adoption, cost effectiveness and quality services.

  • Tier 1, Security Infrastructure as a Service 
  • SIaaS provides turnkey solutions and platforms for customers to operate. The service includes licensing, maintenance and administrative upkeep. A Service Desk manages alerts, work flows and incidents.
  • Tier 2, Cyber Security as a Service
  • CSaaS builds upon the 1st tier by including the day-to-day management and operation of the turnkey solutions and platforms. Customers have access to the Service Desk to create requests and monitor all management activities, but the operation and configuration is performed by RAVENii support.
  • Tier 3, Incident Management as a Service
  •  IMaaS builds upon 2nd tier services by providing incident management and triage activities for critical security incidents. The standard service includes full integration into the RAVENii Security Incident Response and Management Team that: • Provides 24x7 security monitoring • Guarantees an under 4 hour response time for critical incidents • Locks in reduced bill rates for post incident activities


All three Tiers provide access to the expertise of RAVENii, allowing you to request services as you need them.

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