Correlating advanced alerting, reporting, analytics and forensics with threat intelligence feeds to provide real-time visibility into your current security posture.

Our 3i service is always watching your entire environment to provide a holistic view into what is happening right now. This always on service reduces incident response from days and weeks to hours. 

RAVENii’s 3i platform is designed to be able to incorporate existing and next generation technologies to provide the advanced analytics required in the ever changing threat landscape. Our technology is truly moving to that Holy Grail everyone talks about but no one has yet delivered — single pane of glass security analysis.

RAVENii has built this service from the bottom up. Security incident and event management (SIEM) technologies have morphed and changed as the threat landscape has grown. Initial SEIM technology merely parsed logs, now those systems are ingesting threat feeds, adding host agents, and passive sensors. While important, most of the technology available today will only correlate their own technology, and is a barrier to implement new technologies like vulnerability hunting and machine learning for host protection. 

Ultimately, all add-on technology to existing systems certainly improves that system capability in the short term, but limits true next generation technology. Ground breaking shifts in technology happen when the research community steps back and solves problems with no historical impediments.


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